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The increasingly rapid pace of life today causes more problems than it solves.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take.

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Today we can produce more thing, more quickly and often of better quality thanks to the advancement of technology. However, as technology advanced, we have more and more relied on machines to such an extent that we might have a great deal of trouble if anything ever happened to machines. In fact, the advancement of technologies was also serious problems in the past societies. People have always expected that the continuously advanced technologies and sciences would solve even the problems caused by those advancements. Immediate problems seemed to be solved, however, another problems have occurred newly: vicious cycle between technological advancement and its side-effects.
During the Industrial Revolution, automated machines were introduced into many factories. These machines were contributed to mass production in mankind, and consequently human could enjoy material abundance. However, automated production system also precipitated serious problems. It drastically replaced human workforce, and a number of the unemployed emerged. The Luddite Movement in the 19th century in the United Kingdom was the epitome of accidents in which a lot of workers presented their fears of losing their jobs. English workers began to destroy the machines of their factories, accusing the owners and their machines of displacing them and mired the majority of workers' lives into abject poverty. The capitalists and their government oppressed violently the movement. However, the depression of economy was not ameliorated, thus the working class has left in starvation for a long time.
Ransomware is more recent case of the side-effects of cutting-edge technologies. This is a kind of computer virus. Once a computer is infected by this virus, the computer stops working. The owner of the computer cannot operate any functions of computer. Then, he or she is demanded some money from the inventor of the virus for unlocking the computer and recovering the computer. This virus were invented in 2012, but the implication culminated in 2015. The notoriety of this virus threatening numerous personal users and even major companies and governmental agencies is due to the broadly established online network and the consequent interconnected personal computers. Thanks to this well-established infrastructures, the virus could infiltrate into computers even in case that the computers are off. While governments across the world and many IT companies quickly took actions, there were already enormous damages both to individuals and entities.
As evidenced by the above examples, the advancement of technology and science by which the rapid pace of life could be realized have caused serious problems in our history as well as in this day and age. Perhaps, we are excessively devoting ourselves to the grandiose plans at the expense of our precious present.

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