“Laws should be flexible enough to take account of various circumstances, times, and places”

Laws are formed to administer all the beings on earth either the human beings or non-human beings. The laws are, now a days, the integral part of one's life and they strictly adhere with one. Yes, there has been a long discussion a long time back that either we should have amendable laws or strict enough to have no margin at all. It depends upon the scenario at that instance. However, some people may misinterpret the special circumstances and utilize them as taken for granted.

All the formed laws should be firmly rigid and strict enough in implementation to have any loose hole. There should be no margin at all for anyone either the law is associated with one's personal life or one's professional life. Of course there are some contingencies margins provided by the law enforcement authorities. But these gaps or margins should not be flexible enough so that one my utilize them beyond the intent of that law.

For instance, when I moved from my country to UAE, I found a lot of new laws. Most of those strict laws were related to traffic and they were extremely strict. In initial days, I found so much difficulty as I used to use car for most of the time. But with the passage of time, I became used to those laws and they were inherited into my nature and attitude. I was not allowed to use any margin for emergency. And of course, in parallel, they have made strict laws in case of violation but we have to compromise over that.

Let's take another example. In Bahrain, there was an issue raised in the passports of Indian and Pakistani citizens. The Bahraini government made a very strict law ensuring no entrance in Bahrain from sea port for the Asian nationalities. And there was no margin for relaxation whatever were the circumstances or whatever were the emergencies. This worked for them and now, Bahrain is the most valuable and believable country in passport section. Here you see, this is the advantage of making the laws strict and enforcing the forced implementation irrespective of the conditions.

But this is not the case in all circumstances. For sure there are some conditions, were we may allow the relaxation of laws associated with some boundaries. For example, if we have to travels from Saudi Arabia to any other country in the world, all the expats need to have exit visa from KSA government. In emergency cases (death of relative, delivery of baby or any disastrous condition), we have the option to apply for specific visa by taking special approval from higher authorities. So in that case, the relaxation margin is provided for the well being of the human beings.

So in conclusion, all the laws should be firmly fixed and should not have any margin for flexibility. This will help true implementation of laws and will serve the purpose of penetrating the exact required essence of those laws.

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