A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college

I would moderately agree with this statement. Both mindsets have advantages and disadvantages, but I believe that cooperation outweighs competition for many reasons. The first is that cooperation is a more effective way of accomplishing goals and achieving outcomes. The saying two heads are better than one rings true in many situations. Cooperation means nobody is actively looking for an edge over anyone. Everyone is instead focused on the task at hand, making sure it is the best it can be.
Another reason cooperation trumps competition is the supposed outcome of any given project or task. Competition is the main motivator for completion, leading to poor workmanship and misguided focus. People could be so focused on outdoing one another that what they're attempting to complete can fall by the wayside. Cooperation instills a sense of communal pride instead of self-gratifying appeasement of one's ego. For example, imagine that construction workers try to one-up each other instead of working in unison by seeing who can complete their section the fastest. In those circumstances, the building may not be completed properly and can be a major hazard to those who will eventually occupy it.
Many jobs require cooperation to function efficiently. Governments are not run by people constantly trying to outdo each other in their departments. They work together in harmony and each position fulfills a role that makes another role able to complete what they need to accomplish. Teaching young people that competition is the way to succeed eliminates personal passion and self-esteem. Not everybody has the same physically, mental, or emotional capacity. That can make it difficult for some people to compete with others who may have an advantage over them. In fact, some people may not even have the desire to compete. Many people find constant competitiveness exhausting and would rather be a part of an uplifting and collaborative environment. I want to go into forensic psychiatry and part of the job description is working in a team with other professionals. In order to treat patients effectively, I need to cooperate and listen to the input of my colleagues. Everyone has a different outlook and sometimes a variety of different views can provide needed clarity in a situation. To conclude, I strongly believe that a cooperative mindset is far healthier and uplifting than instilling a fierce need to prove who is the best.

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