A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.

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A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.

A uniform national curriculum is more beneficial for students to organize their studies and learn in a more definitive way for the future. The point raised in the statement is valid as there should be the implementation of same curriculum nationwide for students before their admission in the college. In this way it will be possible to have a standardized system for the nation to follow avoiding being ambiguous in possible methods of learning.
If all the students follow same national curriculum , the college admission structure will be lot easier to maintain. College admission is a mammoth factor for a student in their aspirations for future and matters a lot in their education life. The adversities that is caused while having different standards of curriculum as well as different marking system, colleges are tend to lean towards the more followed one thus ignoring the minority ones. This results in chaos and confusion which can be avoided all together by adopting one single national curriculum.
Another factor that is worth considering is it will be easier for the students themselves to connect with the students all throughout the country. Competitions and idea exchanges are the key parts of school education and in situations where the students of same age following different curriculums are in different path in them makes it difficult for the students themselves to cooperate amongst. Studying and growing up within the same curriculum will definitely help the students to be innovative by sharing their thought process with another fellow students.

Not only the societal or emotional impact, another plausible factor is by having the single methods of teaching it will be easier for the government to plan out a better analyzing system. In this way it will be easier for any kind of reformation to be taken if it is needed. Also teachers will get ample time and training systems to get accustomed to the curriculum and it would not be a problem for them to shift within the same.

There can be issues that uniform system of education would create problems if a student decides to go abroad. That is why it would be essential to formulate the nationwide curriculum in a method where it would have the perfect coherence with international community standards as well. Besides another argument often comes that students may not feel comfortable with a certain curriculum should have the freedom to choose another one, but it is also to be noted that the long school education essentially prepares someone for their adult life and it is absolutely imperative to cope up with the challenges and problems soon enough than later.

The choice of a national curriculum is a prudent decision to pick as it will definitely enable the students to uniform the learning curve, exchange of knowledge amongst themselves and also giving the possible chance of reformation and changes when it will be necessary.

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