Scandals are useful because they focus our attention on problems in ways that no speaker or reformer ever could. Write a response in chich you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the

Scandals have become a very common thing today and with the growing impact of press and media, they have found a way in our daily lives. Scandals are real and that is what increases the impact of the scandal. A scandal can be related to politics, academia, business, entertainment and anything which is generally high profiled with money and power being the core issue in most cases. The whole world virtually sees what is happening to the people, directly and indirectly, involved in these scandals.

A scandal may or may not be linked directly to us. Political scandals often are related to corruption and the malpractices of the people in power and position. They are directly linked to our lives as the money involved is the tax payer’s hard earned money which goes to a group of persons who try to manipulate the rules and use their power for their own vested interests. In March 2007 about 14 people were killed in a small place (Nanadigram) in West Bengal, a state in India. Nandigram and its nearby areas were declared as a special economic zone by the government were industries could be setup by foreign investors with investments to the tune of 90,000 crore rupees. Nandigram incident go a lot of media attention and the whole country came to know about the incident. This prompted an investigation and recently the people who were killed in tghe protests got compensation. There are many such other political scandals which have brought down governments and have paved the way for a correct and better future. The scale of impact would have been impossible to achieve if the media had not supported and projected the incident in a correct manner.

Scandals are not always political and certain general issues and loopholes of a system are also shown by such scandals. On the 31st December two girls were molested by a mob outside a hotel and two journalists gathered up the courage to control the mob and get hold of the situation. Again through proper channel there were wide spread protests in the country where the incident took place and finally action was taken. Similarly a very high profiled murder case of a lady bartender Jessica Lal by son of a high profiled politician was again highlighted by the media and after years of protests justice was finally given. In these two incidents the inability of the law protectors has been highlighted and actions have been taken against the guilty. There have been various attempts by non-government organizations to highlight this fact but actions were not taken and those who tries to speak out often bore the brunt of speaking against the system. It finally took a series of scandals to bring out this reform.

Scandals are things which directly happen in front of us and are mostly related to us. They start a mass movement against a problem existing in society or the system which might affect us some day. A speaker or a reformer can only refer to such issues to increase awareness among people to be aware of certain malpractices and not to bow down to wrong people. A speaker or a reformer cannot highlight a problem that has not been proved as it could be a false allegation, a thing often practiced by politicians during elections. But a scandal needs to be publicized by an unbiased media which can bring all the facts of a scandal right in to your living room and with the recent developments in technology they can quickly convey this information and not to forget the camera which virtually places you at the spot of scandal giving you a first hand account of the scandal . Finally it can be said that the impact of a scandal is far reaching and can bring a lot of change to the existing rules and trends in the society.

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