Young people should be encouraged to pursue long term realistic goals rather than seek immediate fame and recognition Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for th

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Young people should be encouraged to pursue long-term, realistic goals rather than seek immediate fame and recognition.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, describe specific circumstances in which adopting the recommendation would or would not be advantageous and explain how these examples shape your position.

Recognizing one’s achievements has been deeply rooted since the dawn of human civilization, from the crowning for gladiators winning battles at Roman Colosseum to Nobel Prize. It appears, then, humans are genetically disposed to be recognized for their goods. Compounded by the advent of modern technology, such desire to gain fame has become stronger, especially for young people, since numerous instances of Internet celebrities whose outreach has swiftly extended to a worldwide audience have been cropping up and made many young people wary that fame seems to be readily available and within reach, without much effort invested. Therefore, it does not flabbergast me to learn that nowadays a number of young people dream big, yet they fail tremendously at the same. In fact, admirable dreams do not realize overnight and they often tempt people to tumble, and it is pursuing long-term, realistic goals that enable people to consummate a colossal success.
Real achievements cannot be attained so readily because they more than often demand time and effort. Therefore, setting feasible goals and work realistically toward these long-term ends can often help people carry out their interim ends throughout times and eventually push them towards the acme of their lives. A chimera would be that a novice poet wishes to win the title of Nobel Laureate for his or her first published poem collection. Similarly, a PhD candidate should not anticipate to complete his or her dissertation or yield research results worth publishing simply by doing a couple of weeks or months of research. If one has a certain goal in mind, it would be much easier and wiser to plan out in advance the preparations and requisites needed in order to get oneself near to the goal. For instance, mountain climbers climbing Mont Everest can create different goals such as taking a break at the altitude of 200, 500, and 1000 meters in order to reach to the summit of the Mountain. Who could possibly reach the top of Himalayas in one fell swoop? Even before climbing, mountain climbers need to appraise a host of variables that might influence the climbing, such as logistics, required fitness, the equipment, and the like. The same applies to more quotidian real-life examples. For example, newly graduates can establish short term goals such as spending three years to become the deputy manager, five years the director, and ten years the president. A goal often requires deliberate planning beforehand and failure to understand the accompanying hardship and obstacle of reaching that goal may render one’s eventual failure.
Another advantage conferred by pursuing realistic, long-term goals rather tan their immediate counterparts is that the recognition gained from long-term goals tends to endure. When one probes into the nature of immediate fame and recognition, it is fairly translucent that such recognition is anything but perennial; rather, it is quite fleeting. Granted, by no means does the fame necessarily insinuate that it is attained by pure luck and not by one’s capability. Famous Internet celebrities on Youtube need to orchestrate creative and arresting contents to capture viewers’ attention. However, if fame and recognition are purely achieved by luck alone, then this fame may fade away as quickly as it is achieved. Many eye-catching videos that go viral in a short period of time may have successfully gleaned millions of views, but the fame that these artists have obtained may be put into oblivion a few months after the fad dissipates. Conversely, longing for and pursuing long-term, realistic goals may more likely engender enduring fame. Take Beyonce. When she and her girl group debuted their album at the age of fifteen, they immediately caught everyone’s attention from worldwide. However, they kept training hard on their bodies, their vocals, their choreography, and the like, because they knew that without continuing to expending necessary efforts, they might be forgotten by the music industry and the audience. Even after the girl group officially disbanded in 2005, Beyonce still tops as one of the most important and influential icons in the world by infusing necessary efforts, sacrifices, and diligence into her career. Therefore, only by having young people pursue long-term, realistic goals can they truly realize that the fame achieved via this way might stick much longer.
Dissuading young people from seeking immediate fame and recognition has one important, if not the most critical, rationale: precluding young people from feeling too complacent. Young people, still getting acquainted with social etiquettes and conventions, may readily degenerate into self-complacency, having this illusion that success comes by readily and can become ignorant of other factors that might have contributed to one’s success. Besides, what does more harm than anything? A complacent and conceited attitude. A self-centered person might act in an insular fashion, unable to showcase magnanimity and contribute to welfare for others. Since no one human beings live isolated, acting complacently might get one being ousted and estranged by other members of the group, which not only leads to further isolation but also failure. Accordingly, a complacent and conceited attitude may hinder one from further success, and may led one to approach future issues with a perfunctory and obnoxious attitude, which may led to downfall.
All told, overall, long-term, realistic goals may do more service to young minds on a long haul. This is definitely not to entirely dismiss the merits of seeking immediate fame and recognition. However, young people should be persuaded and galvanized to pursue long-term, realistic goals, and they need perseverance and courage to achieve them.

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