Young people should be encouraged to pursue long-term, realistic goals rather than seek immediate fame and recognition.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for t

The author of the argument has posited that we should persuade youth to aim at long-term goals and at the same time dissuade them for imminent results. While the argument seems convincing at first glance, a deeper analysis is required before jumping to the conclusion. In my opinion this approach should be taken on a case to case basis rather than applying it universally.

For first, we all know that the young generation is the future of a country and that future depends on how well we shape these young minds. Undoubtedly, young people are more enthusiastic and keener as compared to older generation. But having said that one cannot simply negate the contribution of the seasoned mature people. They contribute to the society by guiding rookie to the right path of success. There is an old adage that “patience and pertinence” is the key to success. This life lesson should be taught to every young person in order to pursue their goals. Consider, for example, the discovery of medicine to cure the Ebola virus disease that out-broke years earlier in Nzara, South Sudan in 1976. The discovery of new drug capable to cure Ebola virus disease took years of painstaking efforts before hitting the jackpot. Countless experiments were conducted behind the closed doors of a laboratory, drugs were tested on animals to validate the efficacy of drug, before finally putting it on pharmacies for human use. Had the scientists looked for immediate results, they would not have succeeded in this ground breaking innovation.

On the contrary to that, the scenario is conversed if we look at the field of sport events. Although it is true that guidance of seasoned sportsman is required to succeed in any sport but the major factor is alacrity and energy of the youth which is actively participating in sports. The aforementioned qualities of the youth are mostly determining factor in most sport events and those efforts are results of impending outcome expectations. Spontaneous actions bring imminent results in sport events. For instance, in rugby, a sportsman is expected to be equipped with sense of attack, at several junctures of the game. If the player doesn’t take immediate action at such point, he might lose the opportunity as well as good outcome. In sports, players should react quick grabbing every opportunity which could vanish at any moment of time. In this case the results are immediate followed by fame and recognition, transfiguring the person as hero.

To sum up, perhaps, the theory proposed by the author does prove advantageous in many cases but applying it universally would be fallible leading to unexpected results. In fact, if this policy is applied by carefully examining the demand of the situation, it will help spur the goals of an individual.

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