The bar chart below shows the employment of all male and female workers by occupation in the UK, in the year 2005.

Essay topics: The bar chart below shows the employment of all male and female workers by occupation in the UK, in the year 2005.

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The bar chart illustrates occupations of the employees according to their gender in the UK, in 2005. It is clear that, males and females show considerable diversity in terms of their jobs.

The biggest proportion of men, which is 20%, is skilled traders, whereas only 3% of women holds this occupation. Likewise, personal service and administrative and secretarial works are the most famous professions for females, while they show the least popularity for males (respectively 14% and 23% opposed to 3% and 5 %) It’s also important to state that, the number of managers and senior officials, process, plant, machine operatives and sales and customer servants differ by 6-10% by their sexes.

The bar chart reveals that, the only 3 professions occupied by almost the same amount of males and females are professional, associative professional and technical, elementary jobs., since the number of men and women employees having those 3 occupations are accordingly 12-14%, 13-15% and 11%.

To sum it up, men mainly hold positions as traders and managers when women do paper works and work at the service field most of all.

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