Nowadays, people care about their appearance more than before. Do you agree or disagree?

Essay topics: Nowadays, people care about their appearance more than before. Do you agree or disagree?

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Nowadays, economy has become stronger and wider, in comparison with past time, which provides more freedom to people to do what they want. Also, it allows people care about their image and appearance in order to show status of life in modern society. Recently, they have had much more possibilities to be in trend and build their own fashion style.

Firstly, people would care about themselves because image and clothes give some extra information about habits, lifestyle or personality. All of that could influent on career or a personal life path because the first view about individuals is making by estimating appearance. For example, if person is well-dressed it makes them attractive and expresses a good impression on others.

Secondly, a people appearance could affect on attention others so as to make a conversation or arrangement effectively. For instance, positive lifestyle attracts much more people and allows people express their mood via clothes. Humanity used to choose an appreciate person for themselves, in this case, the image plays one of the main role about how to present yourself in current society.

Thirdly, we have been lived under pressure by advertising business. These companies try to attract more customers providing some promotions, commercials or sales. This fact has such a big impact on people so they are surrounded it almost everywhere and they have to go shopping in order to wear fashionable clothes.

Finally, shopping and well-matched clothes help people attract more people and make new acquaintance easier. Also, the good level of economy gets additional income to choose and find own position in fashion style.

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