When a country develops its technology,the traditional skills and way of life die out.It is pointless to try and keep them alive.To what extend do you agree or disagree with this opinion.

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Modern Technology had a great impact on revolutionary world, It seems traditional skills lacking behind but still it gives an phenomenon challenge nowadays.Though some people believe that the traditional skills and way of life will not die out, I believe that it will continue to thrive in future.

Neverthless, Modern technology had totally reserved its own unique place everywere and day by day people involve alot such they even forget to leave their life by own skills and they try to behave like an handicap without these.But in many ways traditional skills trying to keep them alive and it help to live independent life in these busy and technological world.Many old techniques are alive today such as in foodzone, different new electronic gadzets are invent but still old techniques has been used all over world.Traditional skills will never die out, defenietly the craze like modern technology will not seen any more but as we says old is gold so never the footprints will remove ever. Furthermore, traditional skills will provide many innovative ideas for the development of latesrt technologies.

However, Modern technology have been rulling these days and traditional ways helps to stepup ahead.Nowadays modern technology act as heart of these new revolution change.The usage of old techniques have been used in some different and reliable ways, such as in past horses were contributed for travelling purpose but today because of modern technology car replaced it, still for keeping these alive horses are used nowadays in games so it reminds us about old techniques.So we represent our skills in different forms to preserve them.

It conclude, without traditional skills modern technology couldnot survive and in future if old techniqurs use will be remain same then it would be easy fo next generation to use them.

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