The charts below show the percentage water used for different purposed in six areas of the world.Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

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The pie charts illustrate the proportion of water that is spent on industrial, agriculture and domestic use in six different areas.

Overall, agriculture accounts for the largest proportion of water in most areas, except for North America and Europe. By contrast, North America and Europe citizens spend water mostly on industrial use.

Water for agriculture purpose is spent the most in South America, at 88%. Similarly, Africa, South America, South East Asia have a clear majority of agriculture water, at 84%, 71% and 81% respectively. In contrast to four countries above, this figure secures a smaller amount in North America and Europe, at approximate one-third each.

Although use a small amount of water in agriculture, people in North America and Europe spend a good proportion (around 50%) in industrial purpose. It is noticeable that domestic use only accounts for a small number in all areas. This figure makes up above 10% in North America, South America, Europe whereas it is under 10% in other areas.

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