Many countries require cigarette smokers to pay particularly high taxes on their purchases of cigarettes similar taxes are being considered for unhealthy foods The policy of imposing high taxes on cigarettes and other unhealthy products has a number of so

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Many countries require cigarette smokers to pay particularly high taxes on their purchases of cigarettes; similar taxes are being considered for unhealthy foods. The policy of imposing high taxes on cigarettes and other unhealthy products has a number of social benefits.

First of all, the taxes discourage people from indulging in unhealthy behaviors. Raising taxes on cigarettes, for instance, leads people to buy fewer of them. Smoking has declined as taxes on tobacco have risen, showing that these taxes do work to make society healthier. It can be expected that imposing similar taxes on unhealthy food and beverages would help reduce obesity rates.

Second, taxes of this kind are financially fair. When people get sick as a result of their smoking or eating unhealthy foods, they create medical costs. It is unfair that everyone in the society, including nonsmokers and people who follow a healthy diet, should contribute equally to covering these costs. Taxing people who engage in unhealthy behaviors creates extra income that can be used to cover the medical costs. In this way, some of the financial burden is shifted from all of society to just those who choose to participate in the unhealthy activities.

Finally, the high rate of taxation on cigarettes significantly increases revenue for the government. In addition to using this tax revenue on medical assistance, governments often use the revenue for other projects that benefit public welfare, such as building stadiums or creating public parks. Even basic government-supported services like public education benefit from these taxes. Thus, the taxes on cigarettes, and the proposed taxes on unhealthy foods, benefit everyone.

The reading and the lecture are both about imposing high rate of tax on cigarette and similar kind of unhealthy food items. The article presents three theories about the benefits of adding high tax rate on unhealthy food items. The lecturer disputes the claims made in the article. Her position is that, the effectiveness of the policy stated is disputable.
According the reading, carrying out high amount of tax on the tobacco has caused people to decrease its consumption. The article mentions that, imposing similar type of tax on different type of unhealthy food will assist government in decreasing the obesity rate among the consumers. However, this specific argument is challenged by the lecturer. She claims that, increasing the tax amount on tobacco will lead people to buy cheap product in low cost, which will exacerbate the health of the consumer, leading to further more health problems.
Secondly, the author suggests that, taxing people for involving in unhealthy activity will create a extra income for the government. In the article, it is said that, such income can be used to cover up the medical cost, which will shift the burden from normal people to those who are associated with unhealthy behavior. The lecturer however asserts that, imposing such high amount of tax without the consideration of the income is unfair, since; both the people with high income as well as people with the low income have to pay equal amount of tax. On top of that, such action will only create burden for citizen who have low income.
Finally, the author posits that, the taxation will increase the revenue of the country, which can be use in other nation building projects. In contrast, the lecturer stance is that, government will become more depend on such revenue. She notes that, as a result of over dependency on such revenue, it will prevent government from implementing laws to eradicate and remove unhealthy activity totally from the society since, government will be at loss if they lose income source.

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