The range of technology available to people is increasing the gap between the rich and the poor Others think it has an opposite effect Discuss both views and give your opinions

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The range of technology available to people is increasing the gap between the rich and the poor. Others think it has an opposite effect. Discuss both views and give your opinions.

With the terrific development of technology in the past few decades. This leads to a debate on whether the availability of technology widens or reduces the gap between the poor and the rich. In my view, I agree that technology improvements decrease the gaps between social classes. This essay will discuss both points of view.

On the one hand, having easy access to the latest and most advanced technology can bring a number of benefits to people. Advancements technology have brought about large changes in the way people work and do business. Technology has enhanced the productivity of most businesses around the work, particularly in manufacturing processes. This trend has consequently boosted the profits of many companies, and therefore possibly made many wealthy businessmen even richer, thereby increasing the affluent gaps. Furthermore, the progression of technology gives birth to expensive developments that the poor can not afford such as new medical treatments and medicines. For instance, Novo Nordisk pharmaceutical firm was successful in figuring out medicines is treating haemophilia -a rare and once extremely expensive genetic disorder, making people who without good living conditions are not able to reach.

On the other hand, with an increase in the availability of many new technologies, it is also becoming cheaper for the large majority of people, which has provided equal opportunities between people, whether rich or poor. For example, the internet has widespread throughout the world these days, and it has supplied for people tools which can be used to collect all financial status or access to a great deal of useful information. Thereby, they can use to their advantage to help them educate themselves in order to live better lives. In addition, the range of technology lessens the difference in living standard between the rich and the poor because it gives people of the lower class easier approach to goods that used to be considered exclusive for the upper class. The wider the range of technology developments, the cheaper the price. To illustrate, ten years ago, smartphones were considered a luxury good while in recent years, anyone can easily buy one when there are so many brands and models to choose from. This not only narrows the material gap but also changes the people's mindset by enhancing the lower class's self-esteem and diminishing the rich's disrespect to the poor.

In conclusion, while the debate about the effects of technology on the social classes' gap. I firmly believe that the range of available technology helps to decrease the gap between rich and poor people.

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