Some people believe that children's success in adulthood is related to the way they have been raised by their parents. Do you agree or disagree?Give your own opinion and examples.'s picture

Some folks think that children's achievement in adulthood is associated with the way they have been fostered by their parents. While i support the given idea, i also believe that people ought to consider other factors too. This essay will support my opinion with relevant examples.

It is well known that parents are seen as a child's role model and support since birth. However, not all parents are same because they are different individuals with different perspectives on how they raise their children. Firstly, with regard to authoritative parents, they not only set regular standards with limits but also encourage reasoning and discussing rules. So children also exhibit association towards higher performances, higher self-esteem and socially competent since these parents are found to be more responsive, supportive and warm. In contrast, there are permissive parents who neither show affection nor express interest in their kids. If children are raised by the neglecting parents, there is a high possibility that the children will become delinquents in the course of time. This ascertains why the acts of parents are instrumental for their children.

Having said that, there are other aspects which also tend to have a significant repercussion in the adulthood. Firstly, peers play an essential factor in child's prosperity. For instance, as peer relationships contribute to skills developing in area like communication, such as controlling their aggression, and team works, these kids are reported to be energetic, considerate and accepted. Secondly, the progress of a child is also determined by television that has been considered to be a crucial facet. Children generally mimic the behaviours that they view on television according to the study. For illustration, it can be positive when the program being viewed is one that teaches positive social behaviours, whereas violent images can result in aggressive imitations, exerting a negative impact on the advancement later in the life.

In conclusion, considering the direct influences on children's success, companions and television are as imperative as parent's roles.

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