Some people believe that watching TV is good and makes life more enjoyable; others, however, think it is a waste of time. Do you agree or disagree? Give your own opinion.

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television is a source of information and entertainment .some people think that life can be more enjoyeable by watching tv while others deem that it is a time wasting source.i partially agree with this both views.the views will be discussed in upcoming subsequent paragraphs. on the one hand the first and the foremost, it gives relaxation to people after working whole day, they can reduce their burden and stress of the work by watching idiot box.Apart from this,it is a best source to spend leisure time by waching movies ,serials and also listening songs.Along with this,it gives us knowlegde about the current affairs of any place of the world via news and it is also provide lot of happiness by watching comic programs. On the other hand, it is a wastage of time .in the modern era people take more interest to watching tv than doing work due this people become more lazy.Moreover,it has bad effect on eyesight.children take keen interest to watch the cartoons on the tv whole the day due to this they have harmful effect on their eyes as well as they become inactive and they distruct from study .Besides this, consumption of large amount of electricity by watching to this more hours. To recapitulate, television should be watched for getting information and for entertainment but remebering the value of time.

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