Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together Do you agree or disagree

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Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together. Do you agree or disagree?

It is true that there are no limitations in languages and generations of music. While genres of music can be different from person to person, I strongly believe that music plays a crucial role in improving the relationship of human beings.

On the one hand, music has a great influence on every aspect of life. Though there were many changes in society, music adapting to human perceptions is appreciated in this day and age. For example, a song called Heal the world composed by Micheal Jackson in the 19th century carrying the message of peace and humanity is still mentioned to raise the awareness of the following generations about moral values. Moreover, a masterpiece written by Taylor Swift, namely Lover, has reached far over 200 million watching on Youtube since it reflexes profoundly the emotions of people who are falling in love.

On the other hand, music helps people live in harmony with one another. The first reason is everyone has an equal right to take part in a public concert and enjoy compositions. Therefore, people have more chances to integrate and adapt to a new environment by engaging in local activities regardless of ages and nationalities. Another reason is music can be a great tool/asset to make friends with strangers. For example, to break out the monotonous atmosphere at the first meeting, it is a good way to embark on a warm song or hold a musical instrument exchange, which young generations are likely to do.

In conclusion, it is impossible to neglect the significant impacts that music bringing us, especially getting on well with people from all walks of life.

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Now a days, all human beigns are love music so much irrespective of their age. We have different types of traditions and each has numerous types of music all over the world. I believe that music helps different types of people, cultures and ages together. Now I would like to agree the context in the scope of the essay.

First of all, all over the world we have different kinds of musical instruments and each has its own unique sound. Some are drums, sound bars, floot etc; For instance, in India it having so many myths that music helps ill persons to recover and it creates pleasant atmosphere. I believe that music can speak lots of words and every sound in a music have a great meaning in it. If any consert is taken place every individual partispate in that show irrespective of their age and gathered at one place.

More over, music assist unassociated aged people together because every person loves music and there is no need to have age barriers between people who love music. However, so many songs are composed by old people, young people also loved to listen to those songs. It shows that age is just a number but not a bridge between music lovers. For example, Justin Bieber is a singer from the United States of America. Although he belongs to a foreign country, Indian people of different age groups love Justin Bieber albums very much.

To conclude, in my opinion, we have different kinds of music and intruments which assist a good way to people of different cultures and ages together all over the world.