All computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in a classroom.

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This is true that the technologies are making our life easier day-by-day. These overt changes are more often after the invention of computers. These computers have become a necessory part of our lives.

Computers have been changibg our education systems as well. Although these are to be operated by humans itself, these are increasing in demand nowadays. These have been used by the students for studying purposes. They get help by digital books, online different ideas and by many sources. They can share their ideas with each other with the help of computers only.

Despite the computers, teachers should be there to increase the students' potential by student-teacger interaction. Teachers are proficient and defty for helping their students to achieve their goals . Teachers are different for different subjects to help in every field of their students' life.

For weak students, teachers pay some special attention either by providing extra classes or by arranging a home tutors or both which a computer can not do. Some teachers have acquired a different way of teaching by evaluating the corundums and make them understandable for weak students. Beinv a machine, computer can not do any of these thinv to a weak srudent.

Hence, it concludes that computers and teachers both are essential for a student in a classroom. However, teachers should use computers so that their teaching process will not remain archaic. And computers can not help weak and stubborn students comparatively and there is no human interaction with computers which is most important to improve the students' skills. Teachers are and will continue to teach their students better than computers.

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