Is hard work the key to success or is talent also important!

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People have different views that hard working is the primary element if you want to succeed. In my perspective, I believe that hard work is more important for individuals who want to succeed.

There are some reasons why talent is also really important in success. The first reason is that as people have talent when they were born, it is easier for them to study their work. For example, individuals who are specialist in their work since they were a child, they don’t have to put so many efforts like others who don’t have talent. As a result, it won’t cost them so much time to become a successful person. Moreover, they can use this free time to learn other things instead. The second reason is that since being received the attention from investors about their talent, these people will receive chances easily. For instance, Messi who is super talent in soccer since he was a little boy so that he was famous rapidly over time.

While talent is needed for successful aim, I would argue that hard work is more important because success requires you a huge amount of knowledge which is accumulated from many lessons, training. For example, to become the most famous football player these days, Ronaldo has to overcome the huge number of stressful training and suffered the pain from injuries during the practical process.

In conclusion, while talent is also one of the most important elements in success, I strongly believe that hard work gives people more valuable lessons, knowledge to become a successful person.

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