With an increasing population communicating via the internet and text messaging, face to face communication will become a thing of the past. To what extent do you agree?

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With the advancement of technology and a growing number of people communicating through Internet, the way of face to face communication is dying out. Indeed online communication is playing a significant role in people. This trend is burgeoning and the traditional communication is fading away. This essay utterly agree with this view.

Firstly, the aim of communication is to transmit information. In the past, people have to meet to talk. If two individuals cannot meet due to the sepration of distance, letter is the means of communication. With the advent of telephone, a phone call conveys the subject of discussion. As can be seen, the avenue of communication changed with the development of technology. As long as the purpose of transmitting information is fulfilled, the means of communication do not matter. Besides, technology provides the opportunity to communicate regardless of the distance between the speakers.

Moreover, the invention and development of Internet generates a better alternation of communication than face to face talk. Talking on Internet exceeds the limitation of distance and time. For instance, an American can talk to an Australian wherever and whenever they prefer. With the popularity of Internet and related devices, more and more people use Internet as the main route of communication. According to a research, approximately 80% of the world population access Internet every day. Therefore, it is forseeable that online communication will be the future trend.

To summarize, face to face communication is dying out due to the confinement of time and location. On the contrary, online communication overcomes these drawbacks. In the future, on line communication will become the major trend.

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