Being a celebrity – such as a famous film star or sports personality – brings problems as well as benefits. Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems?

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Being famous is a dream of everyone, because of the addtention one desires from others. However, becoming well-know also means to expose privacy to the public, which brings benefit, as well as problem. Personally, I think advantage of being a celebrity overweighs its disadvantage.

To start with, one problem engendered along with fame is that public exaggratly criticise celebrities' negative behavior due to the focus from media. The media normally reports gossips concerning celebrities. If the news related to a celebrity is morally wrong, readers will excessivelly criticize the celebrity, even though the behavior did not violate the laws. Once a Chinese actor and singer accidently divulged numerous nude photograph of another actress, the public attacted both for their inapproprite relationship and corruptive life. As a matter of fact, personal pictures ought to be regarded as private and the society should leave them alone.

Nonetheless, fame does not always generate problem, rather it also induce benefits. One excellent example is that enterprises always hire celebrities, film stars or famous athletes, to shoot advertisements. With the popularity, celebrities can earn a magnitude of money from advertisements made for companies. Besides, companies friquently sponsor celebrities for their expense, such as travel, accommondation and garments, in public activities. In this way, celebrity increases popularity with advertisement, which brings more popularity in return.

To summarize, being famous will lose privacy in the light of media, which is one problemetic issue; Nevertheless, which also brings benefits from popularity, advertisement for example. In my opinion, I deem that being a celebrity brings more benefits than problems.

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