In many countries people tend to move overseas or move to a different part of their country after their retirement. Discuss why it is so and the outcomes of this situation. Provide specific reasons and examples to support your opinion


For the past few decades it has been observed that people moved to different location after their retirement, few choose foreign country and other move to some other past of their country. There are many facts behind this trend, like, peaceful environment, security, overall living expenditures etc. In this essay I will discuss how these factors influence the retired person to move another location.

There are several key-factors that make the vital role to shift from one location to another location once someone gets retired from his or her job. First important factor is security, it is proven fact that no one wants to live in a atmosphere where he or she does not feel secure, because of this people moved to some area where there will be less crime and less crowed. Thus, people select the option to shift to a different place where they can survive without any fear or worries. For an example, In India seventy percent people moved to countryside after their retirement, and the main reason for this trend is most of the India metro cities are enormously polluted so people give first preference to rural areas to spend their final yeas of their life.

Another key-point which also play important rule is overall living expenses, As we all know that life in cities are more expensive compared to small town, therefore, people prefer to move far away from urban area, so that they can spend their life with nominal money. For an instance, living cost in a village or rural ares is twenty time less expensive compared to metropolitan. Furthermore, most of the under developed countries do not have pension policy, so those who works in private sector does not get any money from their employer after their retirement, therefore, most people always go where they can live happy life with their savings.

To conclude, This is fact many countries people shift to different area after their retirement. As per my opinion living cost and social security play important role in this area.

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