Some people believe that to be successful at sport you need a natural ability and others think that hard work and practice can make you successful Discuss both views and give your opinion

Although the concept of success has been around for thousand of years, no one has found the definitive recipe to achieve it. Defining success is quite easy. It is nothing more than being able to accomplish something. More complicated issues rise when it comes to speaking how to accomplish a task. Tons of books have been already written and the market of self-help publications is literally booming, so that everyone can find the most suitable book that might contain to key to open the door of a bright life. The concept of success finds its application in numerous fields, from politics to science to sport. This essay focus particularly on sport, though the principles can be applied for other area of interest.
As we can see thus, whether being successful is a matter of practical skills or inborn qualities is still up for debate. This essay will briefly analyze the ideas at the base of those two different points of view and eventually I will explain why I think that success is a product of several factors.

Let us begin with the idea that congenital trademarks draw a straight line to success. From my point of view this approach is to great extent wrong though it contains some seeds of truth. There is no doubt that for types of sports, a particular phisical complexion is mandatory. For example, it is commonplace to see basketball players who are higher than the average people. For this kind of sport, being tall is a crucial edge over the competitors and a clear example how genetic can play a role in selecting the most suitable players and furthermore to stop or to let take off a career. Bottom line, success in sport can be determined by inborn traits that cannot be come over or altered anyway.

If there is no doubt that nature can draw a line between success and failure, other features should be taken into account. Factors like leadership, focus, energy, problem solving and communication are all skills that can be learned through discipline and willness. Christiano Ronaldo, one of the top football player in the world once said that talent without hard work is nothing. This simple but effective stance has a tremendous value. In order to be successul athletes have to be focused on their goals, to improve themselves every day and to learn from their mistakes. In addtion to practical skills, which can be easily improved by training, other qualities like verbal communication and team work should also be nurtured. A captain has to lead his team, to support and motivate the other players to do their best. These skills can be also learned so that nobody is predestined to be a captain or a loser.

In conclusion I strongly believe that success is the product of several factors.It is true that congenital diseases or certain physical traits can hemper a career to start butin most of the cases success is granted for all those who work hard on it and invest time and energy to accomplish thier goals.

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