Vaccinating children against preventable diseases is not only unnecessary but also dangerous.Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree.

Vaccinating children has become increasingly unpopular among certain demographics of the society. These people claim that vaccinations are hazardous to children's health and as such are not needed. This essay will argue that why vaccinating against spreadable disease is entirely necessary despite some potential risks.

Parents have always been way of vaccinating their children. They are justifiably worried about injecting their children with unfamiliar substances that could potentially make them sick. Parents naturally feel protective for their children. Indeed, there have been some recorded instances of children unfortunately reacting adversely to their injections.These few instances have bolstered existing fears in parents that vaccinations are not necessary and potentially more dangerous than the possibility of contracting the communicable disease itself.

Despite the minor risks associated with vaccinating children, the idea that they are unnecessary and dangerous is completely preposterous. Vaccines have prevented vast number of deaths over hundreds of years in countries around the world. The number of death so for prevented far outweighs the number of children who have been adversely affected by the immunizations themselves. Some diseases have actually been completely eradicated through vaccination campaigns. Overall, the idea that vaccination are unnecessary and hazardous is ill-informed and dangerous in itself and could potentially lead to a far worse outcome for society.

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Vaccinating children has become increasingly uncommon among certain demographics of society. These people claim that vaccinations are hazardous to children's health and therefore they must be avoided. However, in my opinion, I completely disagree that vaccinations are harmful and I believe that they are absolutely necessary to eradicate diseases from the root.

Some parents are worried about using vaccinations for their ward's health. They feel that these doses could kill the natural immunity. They also think that the chemical substance present in these medicines could be unsafe for the kids and might cause adverse effects. It has been observed that some children have unexpected symptoms such as weakness soon after the vaccinations. Additionally, some scams have also happened in the past, citing financial irregularities in the procurement process of these medicines. Above reasons explain, why parents are not so confident about the success of vaccination program.

However, there are far more benefits of immunisation than risks. Firstly, the vaccinations eliminate the spreadable diseases from the root itself. Secondly, they boost the immunity system of a child. And finally, they save young toddlers from various kinds of infections. Studies have shown how vaccinations have minimised deaths caused by chronic diseases such as Typhoid, Measles, Pneumonia etc. In some countries, a critical disease Polio is completely eradicated because of a prolonged immunisation initiative supported by the government of these nations. These instances suggest that early life vaccinations prove to be more advantageous despite the associated risks. Therefore, vaccinations are an absolute imperative.

Overall, it can be concluded that timely vaccinations have several positive impacts on children's health even if there are some minor side effects, which can be ignored easily.