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Because modern life is very complex, it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize.

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Increasingly development of modern technology brings about numerous changes, among which is more complex life. Faced with multiple alternatives rather than just few options in the past, young people today have to stuggle with growing number of daily businesses. Therefore, it is essential for young adults to learn how to plan and organize.

For one thing, social life is quite sophisticated in modern world. Not only should we get along with our parents and intimate friends, but also we are obliged to meet momentous people in company or on compus. Especially with the development of instant chat apps such as Wechat and QQ. According to a reliable data of China Daily, over 90% of the users of QQ admitted that they keep in touch with more than a hundrend friends. From what is depicted above, you can readily imagine how complext our social life can be. Also, the social behaviours also vary with different persons. For instance, some private affairs can be shared between our best friends, while we can only talk with our customers or colleages about the business work. Consequetly, it commonly takes an extensive period of time for us to schedule our social dates and get fully prepared for them.

For another, the work or study is also getting harder and harder. As a college student, my own experience is a vivid example. Majoring in medicine, every semester I am supposed to attend up to 10 courses; plus, tons of homework are waiting for me when I am free. What is worse, to save some money for my expensive tuition, I chose to take three part-time jobs, squezing my leisure time. Hardly have I finished my lectures when I have to rush to the restaurant off campus. Were it not for my capability to plan and oaganize everything ahead of time, I would have messed everything up.

Hereby, I have made myself quite clear. It is truly important for juniviles to learn about planning and organizing.

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