Do you agree or disagree with the following statement Writing by hand with a pencil or pen is a waste of time Children should only be taught to type on a keyboard Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer Be sure to use your own words Do no

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Writing by hand with a pencil or pen is a waste of time. Children should only be taught to type on a keyboard.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Be sure to use your own words. Do not use memorized examples.

Through technological advancement and development of computers and keyboards, children are getting more used to using such devices to write instead of using a pencil or a pen. However, I believe there are still benefical criteria to using a pencil or pen and is definitely not a waste of time. The reasons to why I believe in such way will be elaborated in more detail.
First of all, increasing the use of hand helps the brain to develop for children. There are actual scientific evidences that advocate this reason. When the scientists were comparing the features of each race, they realized that Asians are more effective in facilitating their brain compared to other races. Through long periods of study to identify the cause of such characteristic, they determined that it was due to extensive amount of hand movements such as using chopsticks. Asians use chopsticks at a daily basis during meals, and this improved the development of their brain starting at a young age. Based on this, they concluded that having children to move their hands a lot would enable them to grow smarter. As such, having children to write using a pencil or a pen would assist them in improving their brain's ability to facilitate, unlike when typing on a keyboard.
Furthermore, because writing by hand facilitates the use of arm muscle, it enables children to possess strong pair of arms without any type of additional exercise. As an example, while I grew up doing my homework by hand, my little sister was allowed to use a computer and she decided to always use the keyboard due to its convenience. When young, the difference between two different methods was undistinguishable, but as we became teenagers, my little sister was uncapable of lifting up heavy boxes. Even though, we had the same diet and had lived a similar routine of not exercising often, I had a higher capability of performing chores that required arm muscles while my little sister was not. Due to this, she had to rely on heavy exercise to make her arms as strong as mine.
To sum up, while some may claim that typing on a keyboard is much more convenient, writing by hand is definitely not a waste of time and actually have multiple advantages. Writing by hand helps children in developing the capacity of their brain and their arm muscles. Due to such reasons, I believe that writing with a pencil or a pen is not a waste of time.

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