Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Parents today are more involved in their children’s education than were parents in the past.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Parents today are more involved in their children’s education than were parents in the past.

Throughout the history parents have played an effective role on their children's lives. Although with the appearance of the industrial revolution parents had to spend more time on working, the impact of the efficient relationship between each parent and the kid still remains the same. Nowadays people are doubtful about the involvement of parents in their children's education, some men think this involvement has been improved but some others do not think so. In my opinion parents have participated in theirs kids’ education and improvement more than before and I will demonstrate two of my reasons in the following paragraphs.
The first reason which comes to my mind is that in the third millennium, social health and the beneficial facilities recommend families to have fewer children than before. As the result of this suggestion, each parent has more time to participate in his/her child's educational program; Moreover, parents can take care of the learning process of their children more. For making this reason more understandable, I remember once my mother told me her father didn't know about the educational level which she had studied that year, also my mother claimed her father did not have enough time to even talk to all the children, because he had seven kids and that made the family crowded.
The second reason which I want to discuss about is that according to the advent of technology, chasing the student's educational schedules does not take as much as time like before. In recent years the count of schools which sends the report of the students’ efficiency in the classroom or in the other activities at school, are increasing rapidly. As a result of this technological improvement in schools, parents can be aware of their children's behavior at school even at their working time, also each parent might reply the feedback of the kid to the teacher to guide him for realizing the whole aspect of the student's characteristic. As an example, one of my university classmates had a seven-year old son. Each school days, the son's teacher had sent some pictures of the students’ activity for my classmate. Leading to the taken pictures, my friend asked her son about the result of each activities which he had taken part in and if he had been weakened in some of them, she tried to help him for a better performance.
To wrap up, not having more than one or two kids, parents will focus on each child more carefully and following their educational schedules would be easier. Also, lead to the useful technological devices such tablets and smart phones, parents can get the report of theirs children's proficiency every time they want, rather than asking it from the teachers personally. In addition, these years some courses of the student's program has useful assignments for strengthening the connection between schools and students with their parents by requesting them to perform some group activities such as organizing a food exhibition or selling handmade stuffs at school.

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