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Do you think that opinion of celebrities, famous entertainer and athletes are more important on young people than they are on older people.?

Essay topics: Do you think that opinion of celebrities, famous entertainer and athletes are more important on young people than they are on older people.?

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This topic asked whether or not the notions of celebrities, famous entertainers and athletes are crucial to youngster than elderly people. Certainly, some people if asked would agree with this statement due to they have voluminous impact only young individuals, while others would mention that question depends on a great deal of factors, for instance, someone may hold the view that importance of their ideas is tantamount for everyone compared to previous sentiment. As far as I am concerned, I adopt a firm position that their views do have greater influence and importance on young people than older people.

The first reason coming to mind substantiating my stand point is concerned with this issue that aims and capabilities that younger people possess. People at early ages are always looking for right path toward bright future. Famous people play such an important role in their decision. The best example that fit this notion is my own experience. Years ago, I was so despaired regarding my future, most of the time, I was considering what to do, how is the life going to be for me so on, till I saw the renowned scholar on t.v show, who was giving the lecture about how to be organized and planned individual to succeed in the future. He is the only one who brought me to be an industrious manager at one of the reputable company in my country. It goes without saying that, principally, youngsters are inclined toward adoption of notions from famed individuals who might lead them to be successful.

Another vital reason which deserves some word here is that weakness of younger individuals associated with prominent people. It is important to consider that we may hardly observe elderly people who are dying to see or watch them. A vivid example can be given to shed light on the subject is my own younger brother. He is big fan of Hussein Bold. Whenever he sees him on t.v, on billboard at the road side begins to show extreme emotions. Last week, Hussein Bold was seen on t.v advertisement, which was introduction of a new nike shoe, engendered him to try to persuade my father to buy until late midnight. Without a shadow of doubt, I have never witnessed an old person in that kind of manner in my life.

Having considered all the aforementioned grounds discussed above, I am of the opinion that it is crystal clear that ideas of famous people are highly effective as well as critically influential on youngsters than elderly people. Therefore, there is no doubt that I disagree about significance on older ones.

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This topic asked whether or not the notions of celebrities, famous ente...

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