It is important to know about events happening around the world even if it is unlikely that they will affect your daily life

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It is important to know about events happening around the world, even if it is unlikely that they will affect your daily life.

Today, a good deal of various news are broadcasting around us from local events to world ones. Some of them make us hopeful and unfortunately some others have negative effect on us. Although, enormous people prefer to have their routine life without any disruption, but I do not think so. In my view, knowing about our surrounding will provide a better life. I feel this way for 3 main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

First of all, regarding the issue of being aware of any activities in world, one might claim that we would have better perspective of that. Different places and people have unique experiences, which by knowing and using them in our personal life, we would be happier. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. 5 years ago when I found about Swedish residential conditions, I decided to immigrate to that country. At first, it was difficult for me to adapt with that culture, weather, language, etc. But after a little time, I had tough how to live in that new place. Most importantly, this new country had not many of my born country's trouble like politic and economic problems. Had not I introduced with that country through news, I could have lived in my origin country yet.

Another aspect of knowing about global events even unpleasant ones is trying to find new solutions or even lessening their not well effects. It is an obligatory duty for each of us to try for preventing of anticipated dangers and unexpected ones. Especially, leaders, ellits and scientist in any field can help by their creative thinking and powerful status. To clarify, when biologists aware of critical situation for certain animals extinctions, They will cooperate for realizing it's sources and surviving them. As far as I remember, when I heard about developing air pollution, I decided to reduce it by using my bicycle instead of my car. By this strategy not only I have a healthier lifestyle, but I also could help to lowering this kind of pollution, however my role is trivial. I am sure if each person do this, we will have a better place for live. Thus, if we obtain update information of our world we can inhibit of many disasters.

Most importantly, having considered emergency needs, one might suggest that being aware about our world news is essential. There are some conditions, which many people in a country need help after earthquake, special epidemic disease, or even war. If we acquire detail information through media, we will be more effective in dealing with such situations. For example, last year, upon I heard about earthquake in a cold-weather city in my country, beside my government, I did my best for collecting private foods and clothes for them. If I had not informed, I could not have participated in that.

Overall, what drives somebody agrees that knowing world happening has many advantage fall in to 3 basic categories including having better life, making better place to live and being more effective..

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