some people believe that video games could inspire young student s interests and make their study more efficient rather than distracting them and the waste of time so young student should be allowed to play video games

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some people believe that video games could inspire young student's interests and make their study more efficient rather than distracting them and the waste of time so young student should be allowed to play video games

Nowadays, due to the progression of technology, there plenty of advanced video games which tempt student to spend their time on them more and more. I strongly agree that playing video games have a negative contribution to the students' education. In what follows, I will pinpoint the most irrefutable reasons.

To begin with, Nowadays, children spend most of their time playing video games, and their homework is sacrificed to play with them more and more. To elaborate on, since these sorts of games are really addictive, they cannot abandon them and start studying. In addition, the main disadvantage of being an addict is a sedentary lifestyle. Hence, owing to lack of movement stemming from playing with them, they will be exposed to a lot of mental and physical diseases, which take their time in order to spend their time on their assignments. Accordingly, students who are overwhelmed with their tasks do not have adequate time to study, and finally, I am certain that they will have many problems to pass their course. For example, when my father has bought X-box for my youngest brother, his performance at his courses was awful. For this reason, my father decided to sell X-box resulting in his performance back to normal. As a result, since these type of playing are addictive, they will have a negative effect on their education.

Apart from being addictive, the second debatable point is that some people believe that their mind will be involved with video games resulting in their mind receptivity to new material will be activated and they can learn everything effectively. However, others believe that their mind will be engaged negatively, and therefore, they always think about how to play better and better. For this reason, I will take the former viewpoint with a pinch of salt and claim that the latter idea is really close to the reality, for I do believe that the more they play video games, the more they endure the stress and pressure of them. To elucidate, they always think about how to pass the level of a match instead of thinking of how to solve their assignment. By way of illustration, according to the survey conducted by the University of Tehran, those students who spend more time on playing video games not only cannot focus on their study but also they are under the pressure of these games which decrease their productivity dramatically.

To wrap it up, by considering all aforementioned reasons, one soon realizes the negative importance of playing video games on student education inasmuch as in the first place, they will be addicted to play more and more, and as result of spending much time on them, their homework will be sacrificed, and in the second place, owing to play with them they have to bear a great deal of detrimental stress and tensions.

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