Some people say that the Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Others think access to much information creates problems. Which view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

There is no shortage of debate about advantages and disadvantages of internet. In my openion advantages of internet outweigh disadvantages. I feel this way for several reasons which I explore in following essay.

First, internet contain abundant information which is very useful for students. If a student is having hard time understandng classroom lecture then he can visit several websites that explain the same topic with simple realistic explantions. One can also watch videos in Youtube to understand the concept. My personal experience is compelling example for this. During my enginering I missed several Operating System classes and I had hardtime understanding its concepts. However, I found few Youtube channels that explined operating concepts with simple real world examples. As a result I didn't only understand the concept very well but I got good marks in exam as well. Without internet I had to go through textbook all by myself. Usage of internet helped me to save time and understand the topic well.

Second, one can enhance his skills at free of cost by using internet. If an individual wants to learn a new hobby such as cooking, singing, dancing or playing guitar etc he can make use of thousands of videos available online without paying extra money. Students can also take courses from courses from universities around the globe through distant learning. Certificates from these corses will be helpful for students to apply for other universities or jobs.

Third, internet has made our life much comfortable than ever before. If someone is lazy to cook food at home, he can not only order food online but he can also order it from the best restoraunt around him by going through restorunt review available online. If someone is lost in a new city and cannot find way back to his hotel room then he can just relay on google maps using internet. On can also send money to other person's account with just few clicks in his mobile phone. There are many more applications of internet that has made our jobs easier than we ever imagined.

In summary, advantages of information available in internet outweigh it's disadvantages.This is because we can benifit from internet in all the things that we do.

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