TPO-34 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Educating children is a more difficult task today than it was in the past because they spend so much time on cell phone, online games, and social networking Web site.U

Education plays significant role in any one's life. There is no shortage of debate regarding whether it's more difficult to educate kids now a days. There are lot of things that need to be considered before undermining the usage of electronic instruments and internet. Generally speaking, I believe that access to cell phones has made a student's life much easier than ever before. I feel this way for several reasons which I explore in following essay.

First of all, it's important to consider amount of study materials available online. Certainly, its possible for some students get distracted easily because of availability of entertaining elements in internet. However, that is not the case with most of the students. If parents discipline to their kids from their childhood then kids won't spend too much time in playing games. My own personal experience is a compelling example for this. Even though I was staying away from my parents during my engineering, I used my laptop effectively for studies. I had hard time understanding 2-3 subjects for which I watched couple of videos and understood the subjects clearly. This is the case with many of my friends as well.

In addition to online materials, it's important to consider benefits on learning online. Students no longer have to pay huge money for costly textbooks because most of the study materials are available online at free of cost. Of course some prefer reading in book compared to reading online. But, one cannot undermine the amount of time that can be saved by going through online notes or PDF which explain summary of entire chapter in simple words. After reading the summary one can go back to complete chapter for better understanding. In addition to this, students can create groups in social media and exchange notes and clarify doubts which can be extremely helpful if student has missed classes.

Finally, using mobile phones does not necessarily mean that a student is wasting his time in playing games or online chatting. I will be the first person to admit that many kids misuse the electronic gadgets that has been provided to them for studies. Some kids spend hours in playing games and online chatting. But, that is not the case with many kids. Even though, I had mobile phone from primary school I had a strict time table for playing games or spending time in social media. I played games to take break from studies. It helped me to refresh my mind. There are many brain games which can improve the knowledge of a student.

In summary, based on the arguments explored above I am of the opinion that advantages of wise usage of cellphone out stands it's disadvantages.

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