TPO-20 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Successful people try new things and take risks rather than only doing what they know how to do well. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

There are certain considerations and factors that everyone can take into account to examine or investigate people’s opinion. I defiantly believe that successful individuals try new things and take risks. To substantiate my case, the following paragraphs represent my conspicuous reasons to elaborate my preference.
To begin with, trying new things can lead people to extend their knowledge and learn more. Consequently, it will help them to be successful in their careers. In fact, having knowledge about different fields with details makes it easier to gain goals. in fact, when we read about successful people around the world we will notice that most of them were knowledgeable in a many majors such as math, physics or psychology. For instance, Galilee who is well-known scientist in the world, tried many majors and ultimately found lots of understanding about earth, sun and circulations. So this factor contributed him to be prosperous.
Furthermore, taking risks can bring many opportunities which cannot be achievable by only knowing how to do well. Nowadays, the world alters very swiftly and all youngsters experience a huge progress and improvement in several fields of science and engineering including transportation, communication, health caring and even artificial intelligence. So, if someone wants to be prosperous in one of majors which I mentioned he/she should experience or try them at university or getting some courses in special and professional classes. For example, if a civil engineering student seeking progress in his/her major he/she should experience a variety of classes and workshops related to structure, concrete and architecture.
Finally, world history shows that most of successful people took risks during their lives to achieve their goals quickly. As a matter of fact being successful needs a long time. But those people who attain their aims sooner than others they will be more successful than late ones. Generally speaking, time factor make a significant role in our lives. Hence, not only taking risks can lead to save time, but also it can help pupils to be successful in future. For example, Mio is one of successful people in architecture field. He has many accomplishments in designing building. He has pointed out in his biography that taking risks helps him to save time and build over hundred structures.
Due to aforementioned ground, all folks should bear in mind that taking risks and trying novel choices is one of successful people features. Participations of learning more, having many opportunities and being fast are prime and conspicuous supports.

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