TPO 22 independent agree or not teachers should not make their social or political views known to students in the classroom

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TPO 22, independent, agree or not?
teachers should not make their social or political views known to students in the classroom.

On of the most critical actors in developing stidents' beliefs are teacher as they are the only adults who interact and interrelate with them in their crucial ages. In this context, there are mutually exclusive ideas regarding whether teachers ought to declare their own political and social views or not. From my point of view, I am inclined to this notion that it is better not to share personal ideas in spite of the fact that the other inclination has more aficionados among adults. My answer to this debating bone of contention is twofold. In the follwoing, the rationale behind it will be elaborated by the most outstanding, solid proofs.

The first and foremost reason which is worth mentioning is that educators must keep students' minds open to diverse ideas and let them choose their own thoughts freely. By sharing their own beliefs, prodfessors will give pupils clues to follow which will manipulate their notions. As an illustration, my uncle, Farhad, was one of the most renowned literature teachers in my city, Kerman. All of the high school students adored him, mainly because he was an openminded and intellect person. He always encouraged his students to read more about various issues happening around them which will help them to structure their main beliefs. He never suppressed his ideas to his students; thus, many social and political elites had been introduced because of his useful pieces of adive and guidance. Providing that educators enforced their students to think through the lens of their own thoughts, no one could have become political and social thinker anymore.

The second and equally far-reaching explanation to bear in mind is that this action is somehow deemed as a crime, especially in developing countries. Teachers must be aware of their situations insomuch as some declarations of their political beliefs may cause the lose of their jobs although it is not a big deal in developed countries. To put it into a more vivid picture, let us compare Norway with Egypt. Egypt has undergone a dramatic revolution since 2010, so speaking of political issues is risky in this environment. United Nations researchers conducted a survey of Egyptian teachers and announced that almost 20% of them have lost their jobs and have been imprisoned because of declaring their political views. If this situtaion continues, they predicted that this rate will have increased up to 35% by the end of 2050. On the other hand, as Norway is benefiting from its suitable conditions both politically and economically, talking about notions will not cause any problem for high school professors.

In conclusion, taking all the aforementioned rationalizations into account, I am prone to this idea that sharing political and social thoughts is not useful and plausible for teachers. It may have negative consequences for both students and teachers although there are some exceptions which can be excluded from the general rule. To recapitulate my opinions, not only students' beliefs will be manipulated if their teachers talk about their notions, but also in some developing countries, such as Egypt, this action is considered as a crime which may lead to the lose of teachers' jobs although it not a big issue in developed countries like Norway.

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