TPO 27Take a job position or wait to find better job

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TPO 27
Take a job position or wait to find better job

Nowadays it is commonly accepted that the people should not miss their job opportunities in order to find a better position. Contrary to this belief there are still those who argue that the people should be patient for finding an appropriate job position which satisfies them. However, I, to a great extent, agree with this idea that people should try to make any job opportunities satisfying rather than waiting for a good job.

The first aspect to point out is that people can promote easily in their jobs. If people try to do the best in their jobs they can get higher position in a short time. Companies, todays, try to evaluate their employees in order to find the strong people and use them for the critical positions. Each employee in each company has this opportunity to make his job condition satisfying. Therefore, it is more logical to attend in a job and focus on development instead sleeping in home and waiting for a better job. Anyone cannot be successful in his life and reach to his goal by waiting for a suitable job from God.

Another significant point which should be taken into consideration that there is not any job worldwide which propose a satisfying condition at first. The salaries are very low at the first but they have the possibilities for increasing. People by working hard in their companies can attract the attention of their bosses and ask them everything they want. The higher level of management position and higher amount of income only can be reached by working in harsh condition for a while.

Finally yet importantly, waiting for a pleasant job position may not result the finding better one and only waste the time. Now, people can find every available jobs in the websites very fast, so if they cannot find a satisfying job they should change their perspectives and try to reduce their expectation. If they become biased in this process, they only kill the opportunities and time. Therefore, starting from lower level jobs should be a better option. For example, a person who waits to find a management position in the big companies never can find it since these positions are only be proposed to people who have more than five years relevant experiences. Indeed, some people from the heart of these companies get these high level jobs.

On the basis on the point which are mentioned above I convinced that the people can have better job condition if they only take a position and try to promote it in the future. The more opportunities in the heart of companies are available and waiting only kill the time since any job does not have satisfying condition at first.

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