TPO 35- Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Famous entertainers and athletes deserve to have more privacy than they have now.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

There is no gainsaying that the great majority of people especially young poeple are inclined to know about the celebrities' prviate lives. There are controversial arguements whether people should pay less attention to private life of celebrities like famous entertainers and athletes or not. From my perspective, famous people like atlethes and entertainers deserves to have more privacy. The ensuing paragraphs will elaborate my points oview.

First exquisite point to be mentioned is that everybody is anoyed, when other people are curious about her/his private life. Famous like ordinary people need to a quiet live. However, the great majority of people are interested to know about the celebrities' lives and these individuals have numerous prblems for just doing simple things like goint out with their families. For example, last week one socer player that he is widely acknowledged in my country, went to a shopping center with his family. Some people asked him to take a selfi picture with them and he was forced to spent one hour for his fans. Eventually, his family left him in shopping center and came back to home. There is no doubt, he has a lot of problems with his family about these events. Therefore, well-known individuals should cope with enormous problems to save their families.

second point that comes to my mind is that celebrities lives have far-reaching effect on people especialy their fans. Famous people might have some mistakes like other people during their lives, but mistakes of these people have adverse effects on the society. For example, one of the famous singer in my country is an drug addicted and one journalist revealed this secret last year. This report endengered some controversial argument in society and the famous singer had plenty problems for some weeks. Moreover, some teenagers that were inclined to this singer, imitated his behaviour and they used drugs like him. Hence, it is not necessary that people know as much as now about the well-known entertainers and athletes.

Last but not least, although some famous people enjoy that the great majority of people talk about them, most of the celebrities have problem with this issue. In this respect, people and journanlists should to take care the most of celebrities concerns and respect more to these people privacy.

In conclusion, contemplating all aforementioned paragraphs, famous entretainers and athletes are deserved to have more private life and publics should not be curious too much about these people's privat lifes.

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