TPO-41 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Teachers were more appreciated and valued by society in the past than they are nowadays.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Appreciation and Valuation are both abstract ideas. Hence, it is not possible to physically measure them over time or we can never draw a graph of their changes. But still, some feelings can be sensed in a overall way and we can tell whether it really exists or not. Teachers are the main media of education and one of the most important contributors in the society. But I agree with the statement that their valuation and appreciation has been on the decrease in comparison with what was in practice in the past. Logical reasoning behind this agreement of idea has been discussed in this essay.

First and foremost, one important reason that can be cited is the divergence of education in recent times. Education is more widespread nowadays, thanks to electronic media and its uprising. Once upon a time, in the past societies education was not this available. Not everybody had access to education and the teachers who studied a particular subject were much respected because they were the only one who has the clear knowledge about it through years of practice and endeavor. Teachers were indeed the only medium of learning something and getting taught by. School and Institutional education were also much valued due to being the sole way of educating oneself. But in recent times, we have seen much change in this societal structure. Education has become so diverge and one can learn from almost any sources available. People are learning through YouTube, Wikipedia and other resources available online in their own accord without the need of any physical presence of teacher. Self-education has also gained much popularity in contrast with the institutional education. For example, students are using websites to prepare their assignments and self-teaching themselves for the upcoming exam. With the availability of resources online they have restrained themselves in giving importance to the teacher and their classes. That is why, In my opinion, this rise of alternative resources of education is one of the key reason, the importance of teachers are not valued in the society like it was done before.

Secondly, another reason that can be cited is the change of societal point of view in respect and appreciation. Rampant development of the society in industrial infrastructure has deviated the concept of respect and values. Nowadays, we see more respect of people are being given to the one who has more money in their hand in comparison to those who have knowledge. Teaching as a profession has fallen behind in this monetary scale of measurement and hence lost the sense of respect and importance they used to hold in the past societies. For example, long before in every kingdom, the king always had chief educator in his council, who not only maintained the education of the subjects but also handled important documents of the kingdom itself. Overtime in modern society, we do not see such trend which gives importance of teacher in the council itself. Rather politics and business has taken over this issues and their importance has risen over time.

In conclusion, it can be said that teachers must always be respected in a society as their contributions always has uplifted the nation and the human race overall. Sadly, for some mentioned reasons, these respect has been diminished in recent times. We must work together to solve these issues and bring the earlier situation back to bring more stability and development to the society.

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