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TPO-42 - Independent Writing Task Workers are more satisfied when they have many different types of tasks to do during the workday than when they do similar tasks all day long.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Since people spend the majority of their time working, job satisfaction affects different aspects of their lives. To do a repetitive task is the last thing any person prefer to do as a job. In my view, due to a variety of reasons such as the importance of having an enjoyable time at work, feeling efficient and useful and expanding different skills, workers prefer to deal with various types of tasks rather than repeating the same job during workdays. The arguments to further discuss this opinion are as follows.

First, repetition is tedious. An employee who has to do the same task all the time loses his/her enthusiasm after a short time, even if it has been her/his dream job. For instance, as a teenager, working in a library and dealing with books was my favorite job. Therefore, I was thinking this job would never make me bored but once I began my work as a librarian my mind totally changed! To do same jobs such as taking orders from students, receiving books, and putting them back in their places became seriously tiresome after only one week. There was no innovation or creativity involved in this task, which made it even more difficult to do. On the other hand, my friend who was working as a teacher assistant in the chemistry lab was highly enjoying her job; from performing interesting scientific experiments to doing research and class presentations, each day was a whole new story for her! As I compare our experience of working, it is obvious that repetition kills incentives in working and turns it to an unbearable routine.

Moreover, once an employee enjoys working, the efficiency will be higher. In fact, joy is one of the major factors in working which helps people feel what they do is useful and beneficial for them. Back to my working experience as a librarian, I had the feeling that what I was doing was not beneficial since I learned almost nothing new from it. Despite what I was thinking before, I did not have enough time to read books at work although I was spending my whole day in a library. These feelings were highly affecting my job efficiency as well. Therefore, I was reluctant to be at work on time or care to do my tasks carefully and put books in their original place! Thus, it is very important to enjoy your work and be efficient and when you find your job extremely boring and repetitive, It seems impossible.

Finally, dealing with different tasks enables the workers to increase their expertise in different fields. For example, my TA friend gained invaluable experience while working in the lab since she had to perform technical experiments as well as research. Therefore, she learned how to work with different lab facilities as well as working with software for data analysis and research studies.

To sum up, based on the arguments explored above and my personal experience, since having a variety of tasks to do enables employees to enjoy working and do tasks more efficiently. Besides that, it helps them be more versatile in dealing with different duties and gaining experience in different fields. In my opinion, these factors increase job satisfaction among workers to some extent.

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