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TPO-47 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?It is important to know about events happening around the world, even if it is unlikely that they will affect your daily life.

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The global village concept has never been as sensible as it is now. People from all around the world are becoming more connected day after day. In this situation, although many people may not concern to be informed about what is going on in different parts of the world and their scope of view is limited to their front yard, I definitely believe that it is critical for every individual to know what is happening around the world. In fact, it does not only increase one's general, political and social knowledge but also help us build an intelligent social character for ourselves in the other's view.

First, it helps people become informed and familiar with different issues. Indeed, it will considerably help people to know about different countries and their cultures or sometimes political issues. This, in turn, helps people broaden their visions and look at different issues from different perspectives. For instance, I am personally a fan of political TV shows, even though I can never have a chance to get involved in politics. However, I try to stay informed about current political issues even if it is about other countries. In fact, it helps me to be able to analyze and evaluate domestic political problems related to my country. How the political changes in another country affect the neighboring counties or sometimes the entire world is truly fascinating, therefore it is important to be updated about the news. It is not just politics, to know about social and cultural issues in the world is required for the modern life as well. The modern world is shrinking over time and nations and cultures are getting closer as a consequence. Thus, it is significantly important for a modern human to be familiar with differences and similarities and have a broad vision in the scale of the whole world.

Second, a well-informed person sounds more intelligent and educated. In fact, once you talk to the other people you demonstrate your personality by your thought and scope of view. A well-informed person demonstrates a personality with an open mind and vast scope of view, a person who has the ability to comment on a variety of issues and evaluate and analyze them can perfectly be a demonstration of a well-educated smart modern human. For instance, I had a friend in the college, she was interested in different cultures of different people in the world. In fact, she had a vast range of cultural information from small tribes in Arica and their ritual customs to the Appalachian folk music or Hindu religious belief. To the listener, she always sounded fascinating, a highly intelligent and educated person. However, many people might think it is not beneficial for her to have information about such irrelevant topics, it was definitely helpful for her to build a highly respected personality to the public and in virtue of that, she could become successful in her career as and international tour leader. Thus, high knowledge about a variety of different issues demonstrates a person's social and sometimes intellectual abilities and creates a high status for him/her.

To sum up, based on the arguments explored above and my personal experience, I believe that people should be aware of current affairs on the global scale to increase their general and specific knowledge about different issues and considered as an educated and well inform person in the other's eyes.

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