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The passage introduces three methods to prevent flog's population decline. However, the professor believes that none of the proposed methods could effectively solve this problem and provides reasons to oppose each of the aforementioned methods. The professor's arguments against the passage are as follows.

First, the passage states that using pesticides in agriculture might be a potential threat for frogs which live in the vicinity of farmlands, and in order to eliminate this thread the usage of pesticides should be restricted. The professor, however, believes this is neither a practical nor a fair option for the farmers. According to her, if those farmers who are cultivating crops in areas which the frogs' population is in danger cannot use pesticides, they will encounter financial failure and yield reduction since they will not be able to compete in the market. Therefore, applying restrict rules for using pesticides could not be practical.

Second, the author suggests that anti fungal treatments could solve fungal related problems and help frogs against population decline. On the other hand, the professor refuses with this idea. Since anti fungal treatment should be applied separately for each individual frog to be effective, it is practically and economically impossible. Besides that, this treatment should be followed for each generation to prevent fungal spread to offspring. Therefore, due to the difficulty of the individual treatment process in large scale, this method could not be helpful.

Finally, the article notes that managing water resources such as lakes and marshlands and reducing human's activity might help to preserve natural habitats of frogs and consequently help them recover their population. The professor, however, repudiates this statement as well. As she mentions, global warming is mostly responsible for the disappearance of many water resources and human's activities and use of water supplies play a minor role in comparison to that. Thus, using less water by humans will not eliminate the role of global warming and do not help to preserve water resources and frog's habitats. Therefore, this could not be considered as an effective method for preventing population decline in frogs.

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