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TPO-42 - Independent Writing Task Workers are more satisfied when they have many different types of tasks to do during the workday than when they do similar tasks all day long.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Today, a prevalent statement we hear a lot is that workers will be more satisfied when they have many different types of tasks to do during the workday than when they do similar tasks all day long because in this case, they will less likely to find their job boring. A considerable number of opponents, however, aruge that keeping changing type of task in a workday will lower their efficiency and the sense of achievement. As far as I am concerned, the latter view seems to align more with my perspective. Several reasons will support my point of view while the following two will suffice here.

To begin with, I think most of us have the feeling that the first and last twenty to thirty minutes of our work period for a certain task is less efficient than the middle part of this period. This is because we need some time to calm down and focus at the begining of a task and we are also more likely to be distacted near the end of it. For this reason, keeping changing tasks in a workday will make it impossible for us to work efficiently, which means that we may spend even more time on each task averagely. On the contrary, if we prolong the time we spend on each task by doing only one or two tasks a day, we could prolong the efficient periods, too.

For another, there is no doubt that to do a better job, we need to think deeper. If we always change the type of our tasks, we will be superficial at each tasks. To be specifical, if a student is asked to changing the subjects he is reviewing for final examination every half an hour, no doubt he could not remember the poems he has read or could not figure out the math question for the lack of deep thinking. What's more, when we do tasks that are similar to each others, it is more possible for us to find the connection between them and view them in a higher and boarder lever. Taking study as an example, again. As we all know, mathematics origins from physics, that is, the former is the abstraction of the latter. If a student does this two subjects in a schoolday, he may find the connection between them, which may give him a sense of achievement and inspire him to keep exploring.

Admittedly, a minority of individuals tend tos believe that doing similar tasks all days long will be boring and chaging the types may refresh people's mind. However, as we all know, all the famous sicentists keep working on the same project for most of their life. Only with this amazing patience could they achieve great success in the exploration of nature. Whats' more, it will be enjoyable instead of boring for us when we could dig into a task and have a deep understanding of it.

For the reasons above, I disagree with the statement.

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