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TPO-46 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?The opinions of celebrities, such as famous entertainers and athletes, are more important to younger people than they are to older people.Use specific reasons and exam

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There is no doubt that the celebrities such as known artists, musicians and athletes have a greet impact into people. especially young people. In order to that I agreed with this point of view. Someone can consciously weigh the pros and cons of each side. The explanations go as follow.

Firstly, many young people take famous athletes as ideal example for them. For instance, Mohamed Salah is a famous Egyptian Football player and he play at Liverpool team at the recent time. He is very successful and have a high performance and he was the cause of reaching his team to the final match at the last Champion League. Mohamed Salah always talks to the youngsters and recommend them by the importance of practice sport and the disadvantages of being a smoker or have drugs. My little brother was used to smoke and my mother and father had many difficulties in persuade him to take off smoking. But when he listen to Mohamed Salah, he began to take off smoking as Mohamed Salah is his ideal example, and began to watch all his matches and follows his performance and now he dreams to be one day like him in his success and ethics.

Furthermore, youngsters admired many artists and musicians and interesting in watching them in talk show programs talking about their daily life and their social participation. For instance, a well known artist called Amr Diab, he made a lot of action movies and the majority of youngsters in my country extremely like him. Amr Diab used to talk about the importance of helping the poor people by several ways may be by donating money or clothes to them. In addition to that, we may help the patients and donates them with medications and blood if they need. Many of youngsters affected by Amr Diab and they used to go the hospitals to meet the patients and charities.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, all folk should bear in mind that famous people have a great impact on youngsters behavior.

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