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TPO-33 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?When teachers assign projects on which students must work together, the students learn much more effectively than when they are asked to work alone on projects.Use spe

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There is no shortage of debate whether it is better for the students to work effectively in a group or to work a lone. In my opinion, it is more advantageous for students to work together in the projects. I feel this for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

First of all, working in a group provides the team member by different kinds of knowledge and experience. They be able to listen to all the ideas and make discussion to capture the best of them. In addition, the team members compatible each other, by working together and they can divided the tasks between them to make the required progress. My own experience is a compelling example of this. When I was at the senior year before my graduation, one of the requirements of the graduation is to make a graduation project. At this time, my professor gave me the chance to choose between doing the assignment alone or with a team work. I chooses the second option and really I was very lucky. I was participated with two intelligent workmates. At first, we made a discussion of how to reach the desired progress. Then, we divided the tasks between as. After that, we have merged our results together and discovered the faults that we made and corrected it. Indeed our professor was so proud of our work.

Secondly, working in a group will give the team member an extra time for their daily duties and their study. As the other essential subjects need much time for studying. Furthermore, the students feel so boring and depressed when they have to make much work simultaneously. The human must have free time for his life, he should feel relax to have the ability to complete his missions. For instance, the teacher of my brother was asked him to make an assignment a lonely. At the same time, he was have to study his materials because the time of exams was very closer. So, he compressed himself between studying and collecting information. He was spending for fifteen hours outside the home and sleep for only four hours. Indeed, he felt very upset and annoying, he could not be able to see his friends. Eventually, he got sick and failed in the exam.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that it is better for working in a group rather than working a lone. In order to achieving the required goal.

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