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TPO17(independent)Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Most advertisements make products seem much better than they really are.

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Advertisement’s product has been a burning global issue. Some specialists argue that most advertisements show the commodities with a much better look than they are. Personally, I agree with this argument.

First and foremost, what I put in my priority is the company’s development. The fact is that giving notice of better quality than reality, the manufactured items are highly likely to catch the customer’s attention. This encourages more purchasers to buy exaggerated products. Therefore, the sale campaign is certain to acquire an enormous evolution. It brings a great advantage to the thriving process of the company. More importantly, a more beautiful introduction tends to become the symbol of the products which is the distinctive characteristic of the company. Thus, the company that owns this is bound to be pushed up to a higher level, and this company is supposed to defeat all other rivals. It is the essence of customers' inclination that works to the advantage of this company. It follows that the company’s revenue is likely to be upgraded. Beyond any doubt, the use of exaggeration when making products known encourages the company to get the triumph in the rivalry.

On the other hand, it is claimed that exaggerating the item quality causes the extremely great loss of prestige. Consequently, the economy is certain to fall into an enormous crisis. However, it is just applicable to a minority. In fact, the company always has a strategy to veil the real quality of products. For this reason, the buyers are certain to use them without discredit. In addition, bringing the commodities to the public with better and inaccurate quality creates chances for the popularity of the company to be expanded. This is the crucial thing that prompts the company to get into the investors' view. As a result, these are supposed to estimate company efficiency and realize the potential of this. Subsequently, there is a likelihood that they subsidize a great deal of money for the company. In that case, the economy of the company inclines to be enhanced remarkably. By and large, the claim that introducing the products with unreal quality causes the economic recession is unrealistic.

In summary, for all the mentioned above, exaggerating products is a compelling topic. It is strongly advised that specialists should take my writing into great consideration to guideline an appropriate policy on the advertisement’s product.

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