What is the most useful action for people to help environment in their local communities? 1. plant trees and create parks; 2. persuade local shops to stop providing plastic bags for consumers; 3. increase access to public transportation (such as buses and

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What is the most useful action for people to help environment in their local communities?

1. plant trees and create parks;

2. persuade local shops to stop providing plastic bags for consumers;

3. increase access to public transportation (such as buses and trains),and reduce the automobiles on roads.

With the advent of various transportation tools and advanced technologies which literally fuel the economic growth, numerous pollution crisis have been triggered. In the face of deteriorating natural environment, it is imperative for the government as well as citizens to make an effort to handle with environmental hazards. When referring to the means of protecting environment, people will raise intensive controversy. The vast majority of people regard prohibiting the use of plastic bags and improving public transportation as the best ways to address the pollution. However, from my perspective, plating trees and establishing parks are the most effective ways to save our planet.

Admittedly, some people may concern that convincing the local shops, such as supermarkets, to cease offering plastic bags to consumers can efficiently reducing the contaminants. It is widely acknowledged that the plastic products can hardly be discomposed merely by themselves, which requires the natural environment to take hundreds of years to resolve them. These intractable materials combined with the increasing use of them pose a heavy threat on the environment. As a result, they may cause some irreversible damage. That’s why many people believe that the shops should discontinue the use of plastic bags. Nevertheless, such a requirement which seems easy to fulfill is actually somewhat unrealistic since people cannot thoroughly get rid of using them. Nowadays, with a fast-paced daily life, people are deprived of spare time due to the tight schedules. They are even incapable of getting adequate rest, not to mention remember to carry a bag with them to contain the things they buy from the shops. As for those people, they give top priority to the convenience. Consequently, it is impossible to require them not to use plastic bags. If the shops do not provide plastic bags any more, people will just never do shopping there. In the end, the shops will compromise and continuing offering these bags due to the declining customers. Hence, the aforementioned reasons can account for why it is ineffective to prevent shops from using plastic bags.

The same can also hold for increasing access to public transportation to reduce the use of private cars. It is true that decreasing use of automobiles means declining harmful emissions, which can be conducive to the environment. However, it cannot be fulfilled by improving public transportation since most people will still drive their own cars. They suffer from a bustling life every day and seldom have free time on account of endless tasks. In this case, even though the routes and frequency of buses or subways have been increased, it is entirely possible that people are still reluctant to commute by subways or buses due to the desperate demand of saving time. Hence, although this method is reasonable, it is unfeasible.

However, there do exist an effective way to improve the environmental condition. Plating trees and building more parks can be extremely helpful to ameliorate the air condition since it can tackle the origin of this severe issue. People living in the current days suffer a lot from the harmful exhaust gas and polluted water caused by unremitting production from factories. But if we plant more trees and establish more parks with diversified plants, these plants can absorb the harmful substances and clean the air. As a result, the atmosphere can be literally purified. In this way, no matter the emissions produced by private cars or the wastes of plastic bags, most of the contaminants can be addressed by the tress and parks. Therefore, it is the best solution when we are presented with the dilemma of how to protect the environment.

In sum, although prohibiting the use of plastic bags and improving the public transportation are somewhat useful to tackle the pollution crisis, it is difficult for us to conduct the two ways. However, if we spare no effort to increase the number of trees and parks in the city, the environmental hazards can be resolved in the near future.

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