Although the sale of rhinoceros horns is illegal worldwide rhinoceroses Rhinos are commonly poached hunted illegally for their horns which can be sold for tens of thousands of dollars per kilogram Rhino horns are so valuable that one type of rhino is alre

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Although the sale of rhinoceros horns is illegal worldwide, rhinoceroses (Rhinos) are commonly poached (hunted illegally) for their horns, which can be sold for tens of thousands of dollars per kilogram. Rhino horns are so valuable that one type of rhino is already extinct because poachers killed too many of them. All rhinos may soon become extinct unless something is done to help save them. Several ideas have been suggested
The first idea is for wildlife experts to “dehorn" Rhinos living in the wild. Dehorning means removing the horns of living rhinos to make them less attractive to poachers Horns can be removed without hurting the animals if medical equipment and drugs to calm the animals are used When this strategy was tried on a small scale in the early 1990s; none of the rhinos dehorned at the time were killed by poachers.
The second possibility is to educate consumers. The majority of rhino horn sold is used in medicines Although rhino horn is believed to have health benefits, this belief has no scientific foundation Rhino horn consists almost entirely of keratin, the same material found in human hair and nails. Keratin has no known health value. Educating consumers about keratin could greatly decrease the demand for rhino horn
The third possibility is to legalize government sales of rhino horn. Some governments have large amounts of horn, taken from poachers they have arrested This horn is often kept in storage. However, if government sales were legal, large quantities of horn that governments already have could be sold at very low prices Poachers kill rhinos because consumers pay high prices for their horns If governments started selling cheap rhino horn, rhino poaching would no longer be profitable and would probably stop, at least for a while. That might help endangered rhino populations to recover.

The reading states that due to the demand and value of rhinoceros horns, the rhinos are poached, leading to one type of rhino going extinct. In the passage, the author has introduced three ways to stop poachers from hunting rhinos. However, the professor states that each suggestion has significant weaknesses.
First, the passage states that by dehorning rhinos, they would be less attractive to poachers, effectively stopping them from hunting the species. The professor argues against this notion pointing out that this suggestion is impractical. To do such an operation, we must find and prepare the rhinos and remove their horns. Other than the hardships that such an endeavor presents, the horns are there for the survival of this animal. The rhinos use their horns to dig for water and protect their territory and children. Hence, dehorning them would be disadvantageous for their survival in the wild.
Second, the passage posits that most rhino horns are sold as medicine, and the buyers would be discouraged from buying them by educating customers about them having no medical value. But the lecturer explains that peoples' belief about the horns being powerful medicine is ancient, and it is such a strong idea that it would be tough to change their mindset using scientific evidence.
Third, the article states that by legalizing the sales of rhino horns and lowering their prices, the poachers won't benefit from the sales and would stop hunting them altogether. However, the professor points out that many people do not buy horns because the sale of horns is illegal. By changing the law, buying them would seem acceptable, leading to demand growth. Therefore, poachers would continue hunting for such a large and lucrative market.

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