The cane toad is a large 1 8kg amphibian species native to Central and South America It was deliberately introduced to Australia in 1935 with the expectation that it would protect farmers crops by eating harmful insects Unfortunately the toad multiplied r

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The cane toad is a large (1.8kg) amphibian species native to Central and South America. It was deliberately introduced to Australia in 1935 with the expectation that it would protect farmers’ crops by eating harmful insects.
Unfortunately, the toad multiplied rapidly, and a large cane toad population now threatens small native animals that are not pests. Several measures have been proposed to stop the spread of the cane toad in Australia.

One way to prevent the spread of the load would be to build a national fence. A fence that blocks the advance of the toads will prevent them from moving into those parts of Australia that they
have not yet colonized. This approach has been used before: a national fence was erected in the early part of the twentieth century to prevent the spread of rabbits, another animal species that was introduced in Australia from abroad and had a harmful impact on its native ecosystems.

Second, the toads could be captured and destroyed by volunteers. Cane toads can easily be caught in simple traps and can even be captured by hand. Young toads and cane toad eggs are even easier to gather and destroy, since they are restricted to the water. If the Australian government were to organize a campaign among Australian citizens to join forces to destroy the toads, the collective effort might stop the toad from spreading.

Third, researchers are developing a disease-causing virus to control the cane toad populations. This virus will be specially designed: although it will be able to infect a number of reptile and amphibian species, it will not harm most of the infected species; it will specially harm only the cane toads. The virus will control the population of cane toads by preventing them from maturing and reproducing.

The reading suggests three ways to eliminate the number of cane toads in Australia. However, the lecture casts doubts on those opinions with specific reasons.

First, the reading advocates to build national fence to block toads and prevent them from intruding parts of Australia which have not been taken yet. Instead, there are many river and strings that make toads enable to cross those fences, the national fence is unreliable claimed by the lecture.

Moreover, the idea of encourage volunteers into hunting and destroying toads mentioned by the reading also rebuts by the lecture. Untrained volunteers cannot distinguish the differences between native frogs and can toads especially when they are immature. The solution can bring more disasters declared by the lecture.

Lastly, albeit the reading proposes to using disease-causing virus to stop can toads from growing up and breeding, the lecture believes that through virus, native species including cane toads in south America can harmed by it since virus can be carried by researchers and pet collectors.

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