First the issue of pterosaur metabolism Some recently discovered pterosaur fossils indicate that pterosaurs had a dense hair like covering somewhat similar to fur Hair or fur covering is typical of warm blooded animals because those animals need to mainta

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First, the issue of pterosaur metabolism. Some recently discovered pterosaur fossils indicate that pterosaurs had a dense, hair -like covering, somewhat similar to fur. Hair or fur covering is typical of warm-blooded animals because those animals need to maintain a high body temperature when external conditions are cold. So if the metabolism of pterosaurs was more like that of warm-blooded animals and so faster than the reading suggests, then it would have supplied them with the energy needed for powered flight.
Second, the idea that large pterosaurs couldn't use powered flight because they were too heavy. We now know that pterosaurs had anatomical features that made them unusually light for their size. For example, the bones of pterosaurs were hollow instead of solid. Hollow, light -weight bones would have kept the pterosaurs weight low despite their large body frames. The pterosaurs' weight was probably low enough to allow t hem to keep themselves airborne by flapping their wings.
Third, takeoff would indeed be a problem for pterosaurs if they took off the way birds do. But there are important differences between birds and pterosaurs. Birds only use their hind limbs, their leg s, for walking on the ground. So they only have two limbs to push off from when they launch. But pterosaurs walked on all four limbs while on the ground. There are modern flying animals that walk on all four limbs. Bats, for example. And they use all four limbs to push off the ground, not just the back ones. Studies indicate that even the largest pterosaurs would have had no trouble using all four limbs to run fast enough or jump high enough to launch themselves into the air.

The reading states that Pterosaurs, an ancient group of reptiles living in the dinosaurs' era, were not able to fly like today's bird and provides three points to support it. However, the professor explains that there is strong evidence that proves Pterosaurs could fly and refutes each of the author's reasons.

First, that Pterosaurs were cold-blooded and would not be able to generate enough energy to fly, as the reading claims, is rejected in the lecture. The lecturer says that fossil evidence of Pterosaurs shows that they had dense hair, a common feature of warm-blooded animals, for maintaining their body temperature and could produce the required metabolism they needed to fly. She also states that these fossils offer valuable support that Pterosaurs had enough energy and were able to fly.

Second, based on the passage, Pterosaurs were too heavy to flap their wings. In contrast, the professor points out that Pterosaurs' bone features were significant, and they could cope with the size and weight problem. According to the professor, Pterosaurs' bones were hollow, light bones instead of solid bones. As a result, they needed low energy to keep flapping their wing in the air.

Third, the author posits that Pterosaurs could not take off from the ground due to their back leg structures. The professor casts doubt on this point by explaining that modern birds are different in flying mechanisms from Pterosaurs. Although the birds have two legs and can walk on them, Pterosaurs had four legs and walked on four legs. Pterosaurs, therefore, had no a serious problem to run, jump and lunch themselves to the air.

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