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Integrated 15

Either subject of the reading or the lecture is pointing to the applicant of cane toad which was brought to Australia in 1935 in order to eat harmful insects. In this case, the article alleges there are several practical solutions for eliminating the large cane toad population menaces for local animals. However, the lecture casts a shadow of doubt on the proposed idea of the article in which it has been disapproved by the same sources.

First and for most, the lecture brings up the view that the national fence is located near the river where young toad and their eggs are found. In addition, the flow of river can carry a few of the eggs and young toad to other side of the national fence, so they can establish their population swiftly on the other side. Therefore, the national fence would not be successful and practical solution. While, this directly repudiates the article which declares the national fence creates an obstacle for spreading the toad population on the other sides of Australia.

Based on the passage, the second critical point is that volunteers who are Australia people can contribute to eradicate toads. On the contrary, the speaker challenges the claim by stating untrained volunteers would make irreversible mistakes such as hurting the Australian foxes because the young foxes are similar to young toads and the untrained volunteers could not distinguish them from each other.

Finally, the lecture contends that the innovative virus could have terrible effects on the central of South America ecosystem. Moreover, Australian reptiles with virus effects probably emerge in the South America by researches or pet collectors. The appearance of virus would attack to the American toads and reduce their sizes. As a result, the ecosystem would be devastated due to the fact that American toads are key species and factor for ecosystem. Whereas, this completely contradicts with what the reading indicates the viruses are going to adjust the size of toads by stopping them germinating and courtship.

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the national fence would not be successful and practical solution.
the national fence would not be a successful and practical solution.

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