Integrated task- international working day

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Integrated task- international working day

The passage explains about the concept of 24/7 international working day and describes its benefits. The professor undermines the passage claim by referring to a personal experience to show the disadvantages of such concept.

First of all, the professor indicates that when separated teams are working in a 24/7 international day pattern, the time difference does not allow the teams to get synchronized with each other in case of having any unclear situation. For example, if a team has uncertainity about how to perform a task it cannot communicate with its collaborator in the other part of the world immediately. Thus, the team members should continue the work based on their assumptions. This refutes the passage claim that international working day is an efficient strategy which has diminished the problems regarding to physical separation.

Secondly, the professor contends that coordinating the two separate groups which are working within different time zones is time consuming and leads to some unpredicted expenditures of personal effort as well as financial resource. This undermines the passage claim that believes 27/7 work scheme effectively reduces the time frame for delivering a project as well as the expences.

Finally, the professor underlines the difficulties associated with holding a tele-conference as the two teams on opposing time zone hardly can manage to set a time that both groups of people are not in bed. Actually, one team should stay at work until late afternoon and the other should wake up very early at the morning. This is not in agreement with the passage that says tele-communication allows teams to have immediate access to each other and communicate in an efficient and cost-effective system.

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