Summarize the main points made in the lecture that just heard, discussing how they cast doubt on points made in the reading. You can refer to the reading passage as you write(Extracted from the Complete guid to the TOEFL test, Practice test 2, Integrated

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The lecture and reading passage explain the impact of tourism industry in the economy, especially the eco-tourism. While the article states the benefits of it, the professor argues that, although this segment has some advantages, it has also some disadvantages. Besides, she gave arguments to each reason presented in the passage.

To begin, the author states that eco-tourism has less impact in the environment. On the contrary, the lecturer does not agree mentioning that when people will create all the infrastructure, they could damage the environment and pollute the air and water.

Second, in the passage is mentioned that the government when approves the development of an eco-tourism area, it will protect the animals that live in there. However, this is criticized by the professor when she claims that government has not intentions to protect this area. For example, some people are corrupted in the government, and others can hunt illegally or exploit the goods without any .

Another point mentioned in the passage is that the local people can get a job, so they can improve their living conditions. However, the professor argues that people from other areas can offer their work, so the salary could be lower.

To conclude, the lecturer mentions that eco-tourism development has benefits, but it is not the perfect solution.

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